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Get access to all THREE of Jen's books, that span from her single days when her mom controlled her JDate, to being a hired bridesmaid for strangers, until now, when she's finally the bride.


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Have to Say

"I've read ALL of Jen's books but this is the most honest, real and hilarious book yet."

-Trina H.

"Jen gives you an inside look at what the world doesn't tell you about being engaged. I appreciate this book!"

-Laura Y.

"I've enjoyed voting on Jen's wedding monthly and reading how it all plays out in this book! I highly recommend!"

-Claire D.

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How will I get book access?

Right after you submit your payment, you'll get an email with instant access to the book. You can read the book on either your e-reader (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.) or on your computer or phone. Every month, on the 15th, you'll get an email with an updated version of the book that has the new chapters inside.

When will the chapters stop being sent?

As of now, I plan to keep sending chapters until early 2021. There will be around 20 chapters total inside the book.

Are people still voting on your wedding?

Yes! A lot of the plans that were voted on had to be changed because of the 2020 Coronavirus. The votes continue and new polls are updates on the website every 1st of the month.

Where do you donate the book sales to?

So far, we've donated a % of book sales proceeds to a handful of organizations during the Coronavirus (Bake it Forward, The Robin Hood Relief Fund) and The Bail Project, NAACP and The Doe Fund. We are always looking for organizations to donate to. Please email Jen with suggestions (jenglantz@gmail.com).