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The  Votes Are In...

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Here are the most recent results so far! How long will this last? Till October 2020. New things to vote on pop up on the 15th of every month. Want to hear how it's playing out so far for Jen? Find the stories in the book here.

Question: As of now, how do you feel about going to a wedding in 2020?

Result: 52.9 of people said as they aren’t ready to go to a wedding yet

Question: How do you feel about a wedding where guests come in waves? Ex. 20 people are invited to come celebrate from 2pm-4pm, a different 20 people are invited to come from 4pm-6pm, etc.

Result: 61.5% of people said they are not into this idea

Question: Should Jen do a solo bachelorette or wait until it’s safe to do a bachelorette party with friends?

Result: 79.3% of people said no and wait to do it with friends

Question: If your friends eloped, would you still consider sending a wedding gift?

Result: 74.3% of people said yes 

Question: Do you think we should even tell the people who were invited to our canceled wedding they aren’t invited to our new 2021 wedding when we plan it or just not say anything?

Result: 58.1% said no let it go

Question: If we do plan a 2021 wedding and livestream parts of it, should I open it up so ANYONE in the world can have access to watch it?

Result: 56.6% said it’s a bad idea

Question: Should I wear a wedding veil?

Result: 54.1% of people said yes 

Question: If you were given a plus one to a wedding, would you bring someone no matter what - even if you weren’t dating anyone?

Result: No

Question: Would you be okay getting JUST emailed invites to a wedding - nothing in the mail?

Result: 62.7% said yes 

Question: Should we do our first dance during the ceremony before the vows?

Result: 84.6% said no

Question: How long should each person give a speech for?

Result: 57.3% of people said less than 5 minutes 

Question: Can we skip a cocktail hour all together?

Result: 47.8% of people said yes


Question: Should we have an engagement party?

Result: 73% of voters said SKIP IT

Question: Should we do engagement photos?

Result: 82% of people said YES! WHY NOT?



Question: Should we invite people to the wedding who invited me to theirs (years ago) but we hardly speak now?

Result: 91% of people said NO


Question: How much do you spend on a wedding gift?

Result: 61% of people said under $100


Question: Do you ever take home party favors?

Result: 54% of people said YES


Question: Do you get upset when a friend doesn't Invite you to their wedding?

Result: 59% of people said NO


Question: Should I have a bridal shower?

Result: 63% of people aid YES! I LOVE THEM


Question: Do you care about fancy food?

Result: 91% of people said NO! JUST GOOD TASTY FOOD


Question: What wedding tradition should Jen keep?

Results: 71% said walking down the aisle 


Question: What's the best engagement celebration?

Result: 80% of people said take an "engagement-moon" vacation 


Question: How much should Jen spend on her wedding?

Result: 68% of people voted $15,000-30,000


Question: Was your wedding the best day or most stressful day of your life?

Result: 75% said BEST DAY!


Question: Would you be OK if a wedding didn't have an open bar?

Result: 83% of people said NO. UGH, I NEED THAT OPEN BAR 


Question: Is writing a post-engagement letter to an ex 's a good idea?

Result: 95% of people said UMMMM NO!


Question: Elope or throw a giant wedding?

Result: 86% of people said THROW THE WEDDING! YOU WON'T REGRET IT 

Question: Real Flowers?

Result: 93% of people said YES, REAL FLOWERS


Question: Should we assign seats?

Result: 54% of people said YES!


Question: Do you think this project is odd?

Result: 87% of people said NO! TOTALLY COOL


Question: Do you care about a photo booth?

Result: 52% of people said NO, SKIP IT


Question: Do we have to do paper invites?

Result: 64% of people said YES, MAIL THEM OUT


Question: Biggest wedding challenge for Jen?

Result: 61% of people said Invite all the people she's been a bridesmaid for in the past and get them to come to the wedding wearing the bridesmaid dress they made her wear



Question: How many gifts do you buy the couple getting married?

Result: 72% of people said WEDDING AND BRIDAL SHOWER GIFT 


Question: Band or DJ?

Result: 79% of people said GET A BADASS DJ


Question: What kind of dessert?

Result: 74% of people said ICE CREAM SUNDAE BAR


Question: Do we need a cocktail hour?

Result: 86% of people said YES! After the ceremony


Question: How much should Jen spend on her wedding dress?

Result: 68% of people said under $1500


Question: Should the couple go on a honeymoon?

Result: 91% of people said YES 

Question: Should we have a theme to our wedding?

Result: 51% of people said YES! AMAZING RACE THEME


Question: What time of the day should the wedding be?

Result: 74% of people said LATE AFTERNOON


Question: How many bridesmaids is too many? 

Result: 73% of people said MORE THAN 5 


Question: Should you tell your fiance your deepest darkest secrets before the wedding?

Result: 63% of people said NO, IT'S OKAY TO KEEP SOME TO YOURSELF


Question: What's the best pre-wedding relationship test we should do?

Result: 86% of people said Combine finances and set budgets and goals (how romantic..J/K but necessary and scary to do)

Question: Should Jen hire bridesmaids?

Results: 65% of people said NO!


Question: Should Jen have bridesmaids?