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Partnership kit

Brands can get involved with the project.
Below is how!
Plus, the book will be digital format and links throughout the book can go straight to products/websites of the brand.
It's a great way to reach 100,000+ people in your target audience at the launch of the project - and more as the project grows and evolves. 


  • Permanent logo on weekly email campaigns (sent to over 65,000 at just the launch)

  • Permanent link to the brand's website on the Shop page 

  • Permanent Logo on the book's intro page

  • Mention in social media posts (on @JenGlantz / @Bridesmaidforhire / @FinallytheBride

  • Mention in the podcast version of the book



  • Everything from Package Option #1 and:

  • Mentioned 3x throughout the book

  • A video made by Jen about the brand to be used on social/website/marketing. Examples (1 & 2).



  • Everything from Package Option #1 and #2 and:

  • Entire chapter written about service/product/using the company

*Offer available to select brands only*


*Limited opportunities available. Prices will go up as more brands get involved and the project grows.


Reach out with questions about partnership opportunities below. We'll respond within 24-hours.

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