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Jen Glantz has been 'Always the Bridesmaid' 100+ times. Not only because she's the world's first & only Bridesmaid for Hire, but because all of her friends got engaged before she could land a second date. 

75+ Bridesmaid dresses

 103+ first dates

3+ years with her perfect match


Now, Jen Glantz is FINALLY THE BRIDE.


You're invited to go on this adventure with her. 

Finally the Bride is an interactive book, released chapter-by-chapter, where you're a part of the story.

You can vote on Jen's biggest wedding decisions, share tips that can end up in the book, perhaps even find yourself as a main character in one of the stories (cough, cough, become her bridesmaid).





Finally the Bride, is a digital book experience, written by Jen Glantz, and released chapter by chapter. Plus, it's free to read (for now).
Prefer watching? You can follow along the adventure by playing videos released as the votes come in and new chapters are dropped (RSVP below to stay in the loop)
Unlike other books, here you're part of the story. Vote on Jen's BIG wedding decisions, give advice, or end up in a chapter! Your voice matters here. 

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